Gadget42 is a very cool iphone application which gives you a brand new technological gadget to play with.  It is packed with cool buttons, radar animation, and awesome futuristic sounds.

The full version has 18 sound buttons, plus 14 hidden sounds, totaling 32 sounds in all.

It also has a cool moving radar animation and thumbprint verification deactivator.  The full version is only 99c.

The free version has 10 sound buttons, plus 2 hidden sounds totaling 12 sounds in all.

The free version does NOT have a moving radar animation or thumbprint verification

disclaimer: The stop button on the Gadget42 application will only turn off the sound if one sound is pushed at a time, without multiple overlapping sounds.  If multiple sounds are used, and silence is desired, please push exit, and the application will close out. 

This Gadget 42 iphone application was created purely for fun and technological novelty. 

We hope you and your friends will enjoy it!


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